Client Reviews

The patience of a saint and the tenacity of a tiger! Pam Yancoskie did a terrific job helping my family sell three of my parents' properties last year in Clackamas county (Milwaukie and Wilsonville), allowing them to move into an elderly community. All three properties had a good deal of deferred maintenance needed and two housed a huge amount of personal possessions to clear out. My parents were ambivalent about leaving their properties behind, particularly their home of 40+ years. In addition, my father had recently suffered from a stroke, leaving him cognitively impaired and not consistently able to commit to a schedule and/or strategy for selling the properties. Pam was amazingly patient, compassionate, and efficient in the face of all of these complications. Despite their reluctance to put their home and rental properties on the market, my parents really liked and trusted Pam. She had a great attitude towards them and made a potentially horrendous process manageable. I live out of state, and she was essential as my eyes and ears, making sure everything was moving forward as expected and at a good pace. We sold the properties sequentially and in each case had to navigate a long list of repairs and potential improvements. Pam was essential in helping us evaluate what projects to take on ahead of placing the properties on the market based on the costs and benefits, the market, and the likely requirements of inspectors and lenders. When repairs or refurbishments were needed, she helped us find competent, trustworthy, and reasonably priced professionals to do the work. She also helped us sort out what issues might better be addressed during the negotiation phase of the sales. Pam set a listing price for each of the homes that allowed us to get a fair offer for them relatively quickly. Both my parents and the buyers felt very good about the eventual sales ?EUR" not something we took for granted! She was great at negotiating for a good price and a smooth process. Pam is truly one of a kind and exceptional at working with families and older adults in the midst of challenging life transitions -- often going above and beyond expectations. We give her our very highest recommendation - we can't imagine going through this process without her support, wisdom, and experience!

uhlaner1 | Home Seller

Pam went above and beyond in selling our house. She was there at every step and followed through with her commitments. I highly recommend her.

BW Hansen | Home Seller

Pam Yancoskie is one of the most professional, personable, and efficient real estate professionals I have worked with. This woman knows her business inside and out. Her ability to move property quickly to the satisfaction of all parties is amazing. Our situation was different and challenging. My Mom had passed away, left a condo in Oregon and we live out of state. We had to do a lot long distance. We needed to remodel and sell in a timely manner. Her eye for renovation, and her knowledge of the market were crucial to the success of this business transaction. The best people skills I have ever seen. She got the job done, for the price we needed and the selling price we requested. She went the extra mile for us many times in our working together. I would use her again and recommend her to anyone with real estate needs. Thanks, Pam - you are the BEST!

drron4 | Home Seller

Pam was wonderful....she did everything she said plus more. We contacted Pam to sell my 93 year old mother-in-law's home so, although her contract was with my mother-in-law, my wife and I worked closely with Pam and acted as intermediaries between the two of them. We were worried because Pam wanted to list the house during a period we were planning to be gone for 5 weeks. But Pam said it was a good time to do the listing and she said she would help us out....and she did!!! Since my mother-in-law was unable to handle a lot of the details, Pam, working with my wife via the phone, took care of all the details! Pam arranged inspections, repairs, painting, house washing, roof cleaning and repairs, staging of the home for showing, and everything that needed to be done to get the house into ideal shape for showing and selling for the best price. And then, as offers came in, Pam gave us excellent advice and helped us get over the asking price!

Branger | Home Seller

Pam, helped me find my house after moving from AZ, she was straight forward regarding the good points and the bad points of homes, she knows the Milwaukie and Happy Valley area well and excels in her knowledge of business, she was patient with me in finding the perfect house for me, and I have been able to rely on her when I have questions on home improvements and refinancing. She's also helped my parents find and buy 2 homes and sell, I recommend her highly to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home and I will always use her in the future.

Leah | Home Buyer

Pam understood what issues would come up during our purchase of a short sale home. We worked together for 6 months to close the deal and thanks to her knowledge we knew what to expect and ended up with a great new home at a very good price. Her clear communication and advice enabled us to get through the longest real estate deal we have ever encountered. Great job and i would recommend her to anyone!

Marshall | Home Buyer

There are not enough words to say how good of a agent Pam is. Pam kept us from making some major mistakes. She answered all of our questions and kept us on the right road. She even helped us find an agent down here in Mesa, AZ. I would not hesitate to recommend Pam to anyone.

madaue | Home Seller

We used Pam Yancoskie in 2001 to purchase our home at 1860 SE Risley Ave, and she listed and sold it for us in 2010. You can not find a more energetic honest and Professional real estate expert. We were very pleased her in both instances!!! You definitely want her in your corner!!!

dickd80 | Home Seller

I sought Pam out because of her vast knowledge of the Milwaukie area. She showed me at least 40 homes over a year and a half. I was very picky in what I was looking for, but I appreciated that she stuck with me through the long journey. Pam was great at keeping me informed of any new prospects and all the step-by-step procedures during the purchase. If we hadn't seen a house in a few weeks, she would call to check in and ask if I had any questions/concerns. Overall, I was extremely impressed with her professional knowledge and genuine want to find me a good, long-term home. I would recommend Pam to my friends and family, and I will definitely use her again the next time I buy or sell.

emerald8169 | Home Buyer

I have used Pam for the sale and buying of five different homes over the last 20 years. I keep coming back to her because she's honest, knows the market and fights for your interests. She helped me both buy and sell some acreage homes and some city homes. She always got me the best price. The last sale was for a house in the $450,000 range last October. Not an easy close because of my legal troubles, but she got me through it. Then she helped me get into a bank owned home in less than 30 days--pretty amazing! You can be assured of getting the best if you use Pam.

5Times | Home Seller

Pam was a complete joy to work with. She was very efficient and patient as well. We were looking for a higher-end home in Happy Valley, but we weren't in a hurry to buy. After about two home viewings, Pam had asked us enough questions about each of those homes we visited that she knew exactly what we wanted.

For the next 10 months, she payed close attention to the market to find us the perfect house. We really didn't look at that many homes over the course of a year, but she'd send us market data, and make sure we were seeing everything online that she was seeing, and she did take us to enough viewings so that we were more than comfortable in making a significant offer when the time came.

Pam talked us out of a couple of houses (rightfully so) that we were willing to offer on, simply because we hadn't seen anything we liked for 2 or 3 months. She brought up all the things we said (and she thought) we wanted, and sure enough, she was right. We were "settling" and she saw it. We almost offered on a house one time and she said to trust her and hold off for just another day because a beautiful house was coming on the market and it was perfect for us. She had been paying attention to what was going on and talking to other agents about what was out there. Sure enough, it was the best house we had seen to date, and we were looking at houses between $500,000 and $1.4 million. And we even got the house for $734,500. Pam found us our dream house that we consider nicer than all the houses we looked at, including houses currently listed over $1 million!!! Amazing! We could have spent significantly more, and she was focused on exactly what we wanted for the best price out there.

Pam knows the Clackamas County area very well, and is extremely honest and forthright. Most of all, she was really working to make us happy, not to sell a house. If I could only say one thing, that would be it. If you do a great job, success will find you. She wasn't worried about selling a house. She could have sold us 2 or 3 other houses a lot faster, gotten her commission and moved on; we would have bought them. But we wouldn't have been happy in the end. We are SO THANKFUL we worked with a person like Pam. We are going to be in this house the next 20+ years and are so happy. But we'd be so sad if we were rushed into a sale and then saw something else that was more of what we wanted. Not an issue here. 100% satisfied! We'll definitely be using Pam to sell our other house, when the market improves...someday...

Gabenach | Home Buyer

We sold our house! If you are looking for a Portland area real estate agent, you cannot do better than Pam Yancoskie with RE/MAX. We?EUR(TM)ve never had anyone work harder for us and be so great to work with. It?EUR(TM)s obvious why she is among the top Realtors in the country. In this market you need the best and we are so grateful we had Pam working for us.

Brandon E. | Home Seller

Pam is awesome. Easy to work with and knows her stuff. I was (and am) very inexperienced in buying/selling a home and Pam was so patient. She took the time to explain everything that I needed to know at each step along the way. I never felt like she was telling me what I wanted to hear or just trying to get it over, she wanted to make sure it was done the way I wanted it. I highly recommend Pam to everyone I know and she will be my first call when I need a Realtor.

Thanks for your hard work and patience Pam!

Don | Home Seller

Pam is just awesome. She was willing to work around our tough schedules. We were very pleased that she would always be 100% honest and upfront with us. She was definitely had our best interests at heart. Absolutely loved the people Pam recommended to us for other services. We never felt like Pam was too pushy or try to get us to do anything that was out of our comfort zone. Overall she made the home buying experience all the more enjoyable for us and we highly regard her.

Happy Buyer | Home Buyer

Pam treated us like her own family. She listened to us, measured our needs, and finally landed us a beautiful craftsman bungalow in Rose City Park. As first time homeowners, the process of purchasing a property can be (to say the least) bewildering. Pam was not only patient in showing us homes that suited our tastes but she carefully navigated us through the mortgage matrix.

Furthermore, Pam has amazing contacts in the business! From her mortgage broker to her inspector to her list of contractors (we got a great deal on refurbished hardwood floors, thanks to Pam), she truly provides her clients with all the tools they need to land an affordable and attractive home. My wife and I recommend her services without hesitation.

Ian M | Home Buyer

This is the second time we have used Pam in a real estate matter. She has a 30+ years experience which provided immediate answers to any concerns that arose. She was always available and we were able to get 18k more than we thought our home was worth. She told us the value of our house, we were doubtful but had our offer and buyers 6 days after listing our home. We hope to never move again, but if we do, I would contact Pam immediately.

Jerri J | Home Seller

We have known Pam Yancoskie for over 20 years when she not only helped us sell our first house in 94 and helped us purchase newer home in the Oak Grove area in 95. She was a great person to work with, listened to us and guided us back then and again in 2014 when she helped sell our current house. She was and still is very knowledgeable of the Clackamas County areas and very knowledgeable of each neighborhood sales and purchase made. She works great with other agents and has the personality, skills and talents to make anyone feel comfortable working with her. She's a leader in everything she does for her clients by being very attentive to their fears, wants and needs. I would recommend her to everyone who needs an agent to help them.

43bands44 | Home Seller

We found Pam Yancoskie from the nearly continuous realty signs she has posted throughout our old neighborhood. She has been buying and selling homes in that area for almost 3 decades.

Not only did we choose Pam to sell our home, but she helped us to purchase our new home as well. The home purchase was unconventional, and presented numerous challenges along the way, but Pam saw us through to the end. As far as our home sale, she guided us through the steps necessary to get a maximum price. We followed her recommendations to the letter and received and accepted a full price offer on the first day of showings.

Pam is amazingly responsive, honest in her assessments, and has an incredible network of contacts and contractors to help buyers and sellers alike through the challenging processes and unexpected issues of buying and selling homes.

We would recommend Pam Yancoskie enthusiastically and unconditionally to anyone and everyone thinking of buying or selling a home. What you get with Pam is an incredible amount of experience and expertise, open lines of communication, personal and caring attention, and reliable and quality resources. Perhaps most important of all, you get a supportive, positive, effective and reassuring guide for your home purchase or sale. We will sincerely miss having her as a part of our daily lives now that we are settled into our new home.

pdellasega | Home Seller

Pam helped me buy my home initially, and I turned to her almost a decade later to sell it. Her advice on prepping the home for sale was invaluable in getting me top dollar for my home, and she made the closing process quick and painless in spite of unforeseen repairs that came up during inspection. Pam then helped me find my new home and was readily available to meet me to jump on newly listed houses and make offers quickly. In a competitive market, Pam helped me find a home perfect for my family at under asking price, with an even faster and easier close than selling my own place. If you want someone who provides exceptional personal service and will go over your transaction with a fine toothed comb, Pam is the realtor for you.

Brendon | Home Seller & Buyer

Pam is an expert in every phase of a real estate sale. She knows the area, knows the prices, and knows how to get it done. She usually answers her phone on the first ring and if she doesn't know an answer, she finds out and gets back to you ASAP. I am happy to endorse Pam as an agent for anyone who wants the best outcome in any real estate transaction.

Mary | Home Seller

Pam treated us like her own family. She listened to us, measured our needs, and finally landed us a beautiful craftsman bungalow. As first time homeowners, the process of purchasing a property can be (to say the least) bewildering. Pam was not only patient in showing us homes that suited our tastes but she carefully navigated us through the mortgage matrix. Furthermore, Pam has amazing contacts in the business! From her mortgage broker to her inspector to her list of contractors (we got a great deal on refurbished hardwood floors, thanks to Pam), she truly provides her clients with all the tools they need to land an affordable and attractive home. My wife and I recommend her services without hesitation.

Ian | Home Buyer